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Midway between Frederiksberg and Østerbro

Jagtvej 111 is located on an important artery in Copenhagen and runs from Ågade in Frederiksberg through Nørrebro to Østerbro, as the extension of Falconer Allé, where it marks the boundary between Indre and Ydre Nørrebro.

Jagtvej was built in 1750, running from Falkonérgården to Store Vibenhus. Not until 18 years later did the road stretch all the way to Østerbro. The road was originally reserved for the Court as a pathway for hunting parties before it was paved and opened to the public.


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Fælledparken was established in the beginning of the twentieth century. Now, with a century behind it, the park continues to be one of the favourites of the people of Copenhagen. Fælledparken was built with a view to offering the residents of Copenhagen a massive area that could be used for sporting activities, meetings and relaxation.

In addition to being the home of Parken, Denmark’s national stadium, you can also find the Musikscenen Stage and Café Pavillonen. There is also an outdoor swimmingpool, a skate park, six football pitches, petanque courts and a chess board. One of Denmark’s only remaining quarter-mile stones still stands in Fælledparken, marking that there is one and a quarter miles/1.75 km, to Østerport. The stone has stood in the park since 1698.

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