Subletting – is it permitted?

– No. Harboekollegiet is unfortunately unable to offer its tenants the option of subletting their apartments, either partially or completely.

Are there any requirements that must be fulfilled in order to be considered as a tenant of Harboekollegiet?

– Yes. There are house rules that you must accept and comply with. Your lease must have a duration of at least one year and you must be an active student.

Can two people live together?

– Yes. Up to two people may live together in an apartment.

Are tenants eligible for housing support and how do you apply for it?

– Yes. This is student accommodation and is thus eligible for housing support. You should apply via the Copenhagen Municipality website. You can also find the link under “Contact”.

How can I be considered for an apartment?

– You apply by completing the application form on Harboekollegiet’s website and submit your application to Info@harboekollegiet.dk


– Tenants are responsible for their own internet access.

Is consumption included in the rent?

– No, consumption is billed separately. Water and heating are paid on account. Electricity is billed by direct reading for each apartment.

Are pets allowed?

– No. Tenants are not permitted to keep any form of pets in the property, or receive “visits” from pets.